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New York Press
Of Mice and Doormen, 8/7/08
Conversations with a Soul Mate, 2/7/07
Hit On...By Parents!, 5/17/06

The American Jewish World
When Your Head Explodes, 1/11/08
An Unpredictable Sojourn in New York, 12/23/06

The St. Paul Pioneer Press
She Heard Someone Say, 'There is Blood in your Brain', 10/12/08
Reality TV was Real Life...at Least for a Few Minutes, 4/18/04
The Hardest Part About Living in Big Apple is Language Barrier, 2/15/04


Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine
The Marissa Ring, 4/1/07

College News
Rejected By Sororities, 7/26/11

Girls' Life
How to Handle a Witch, 10/1/07

Indiana Alumni Magazine
Big Apple Journey (page 1)
Big Apple Journey (page 2), 4/1/07

Jewish Life and Style
Beat the Heat with Gelato - The Real Italian Desert, 7/01/06

Psychology Today
Shake Your Beauty, 2/3/09-Present
Saving Face, 12/1/07
The Nose Knows, 10/1/07
A Road Map to Pleasantville, 8/1/07
Healthy, Wealthy and Unwanted & Tuning In To Skin Tone, 8/1/07
Bipolar Disorder: A Mistaken Diagnosis, 6/01/07
Less is More, 5/1/07
Brighter Teeth, Better Life?, 5/1/07
Millions of Women are Dying to Meet You, 5/1/07
Picking Partners, 1/01/07

quiet Shorts
My So-Called Dating Life, 9/15/06

Spirituality & Health
Reconnect at Kizmeet.com, 2/14/07

New Rules of Attraction (Page 1)
New Rules of Attraction (Page 2), 10/1/07
How to Date a Med Student, 5/18/09

Time Out New York
Please Release Me, 12/27/06
Web We Weave, 10/18/06


Beauty Addict
Real Genius - Interview with Garren,11/1/06
Scentsational - Interview with Franco Wright,10/1/06
Bare Necessities - Interview with Cindy Barshop, 9/1/06
About Face - Interview with Joey Chancis of Joey New York, 9/1/06
Arch Aficionada - Interview with Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills,8/1/06
Face Value - Interview with Ramy Gafny, 7/1/06
All That Jazz - Intervew with Deborah Lippmann, 6/2/06
The Young Ones, 5/1/06
Shine On, 4/17/06
Great Lengths, 4/02/06
Intelligent Design, 3/07/06
Faking It, 2/28/06

Betty Confidential
Delectable Designs, 5/12/08

Boheme Verite
Proving She's Oblivious to No One, Playwright and Actress, Jessica Lynn Johnson Turns Her One-Woman Show Into a Hit, 12/15/06
A Boy with a Creative Eye - Talking with David Montalvo, 11/15/06
NYC Musician Mitch Mitchell Gives THE ANSWER, 11/15/06
Alan Danielson Illuminates the Human Experience in Lucid Body, 11/15/06
Playwright Moby Pomerance Chats About his Award-Winning Play, Broken Hands, 10/15/06
Laughing it Up with One of NYC's Funniest Young Comedians, Mike Trainor, 10/15/06
Getting Personal with Inner Monologues, 9/15/06
Scott Alexander Makes Mistakes, 8/15/06,
Lucas Caleb Rooney and Ty Jones Celebrate the Silly with CREATION (A Clown Show), 8/15/06
Fusion of Fitness and Dance: Tina Thompson-Pope, 8/15/06
Getting Mortified with David Nadelberg, 7/15/06
Chatting It Up With the Cast of Ghetto Chronicles - Part II, 7/15/06
Evan Jacob - Star of a Small Town in a Big City, 6/15/06
The Ghetto Chronicles - Impact with a Punch and Song, 6/15/06

Breaking up is Hard to Do, 3/30/06
Me Love You Long Distance, 3/20/06
Let's Dance!, 3/06/06

Dear Dilemma Advice Column, 9/04óPresent

Minneapolis Dating Examiner, Ongoing

The Cheek Kiss,10/04/06
Mr. Crazy, 7/01/06
Frostbite, 6/03/06
That Girl, 5/03/06
Trainers (And Big Horny Dogs), 4/04/06
Standing on Street Corners, 3/02/06

Yoga vs. Pilates: What's Right For You?, 2/12/09
How to Date a Med Student, 11/14/08
Needle in a Haystack, 10/1/08
Too Detached To Date?, 9/15/08
Blog Etiquette: Spilling Too Much, 8/29/08

Forever Love in Paris, 10/06/05

iYogaLife at RunnersWorld.com
Five Trouble Spots - Fix Them Today, 12/23/08
Gym Goer's Guide to Yoga, 11/13/08

Minneapolis Picks
One of a Kind Design, 7/16/10
Green in the Face, 6/18/10
The Fitting Room, 6/4/10

New Age Spirituality
Magical Colored Glasses, 3/20/05


Asthma All-Stars
Winning with Asthma

Growing and Keeping Business ñ A Look into the Restaurant Industry, 7/23/04
Interview with my Father, Henry Kristal, Co-Founder of Embers Restaurants, 12/6/05


What Doesn't Kill You: A Mini-Memoir about Suffering and Surviving a Brain Bleed by Marissa Kristal, 12/20/10

From Loss to Healing: Personal Tales About the First Year of Bereavement by Marissa Kristal, 8/30/10

Cabinology by Dale Mulfinger
On Forest Lake (page 1)
On Forest Lake (page 2), 10/7/08

FLYMF's Greatest Hits
Trainers (And Big Horny Dogs) (page 1)
Trainers (And Big Horny Dogs) (page 2), 12/14/08


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