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Writing is more than my career—it's my lifeline. I've kept journals for as long as I can remember. The first diary I ever owned was Ramona Quimby-themed. I filled it with riveting tales about the complexities of first-grade life and expressions of love for my toy poodle, Tiger. I still keep diaries, and while the topics I pen about have (thankfully) evolved, the reason I write remains the same:

Writing helps me attribute meaning to my life.

It forces me to plunge deeper inside myself to reach heightened levels of awareness and clarity; to relate to, and forge connections with others; to apply significance, and purpose, to life's nonsensical events; to extract overwhelming feelings from inside myself, and work through them on paper; my words reveal my trajectory of growth. Writing about my experiences helps me organize my world: Existence itself becomes a story, a cohesive narrative in which events are organized into ascending, climactic and resolving moments. And all my occurrences, varying and contradictory as they may seem, become thematically linked and interconnected, like the differing, yet correlated, chapters of a book.

Much of my writing is centered on a literal, and figurative, voyage: I write about rites of passage and the struggles involved in finding an identity, carving a future, meeting a mate, friendship upheavals and job distresses. I also write about fitness, wellness and mental, physical and emotional health.

I've written for various print and online publications such as Time Out New York, Psychology Today, Spirituality & Health, Chicken Soup for the Soul Magazine, FOXnews.com and iYogaLife at RunnersWorld.com to name a few. The genres I've covered range from health and wellness, to beauty and fashion, dating and relationships, adolescent culture and the arts. I maintain a fitness and beauty blog on the PsychologyToday.com network entitled Shake Your Beauty, I was the New York Editor of an online arts and culture magazine, Boheme Verite, and I served as the advice columnist at Fazed.com – an ezine geared towards teens and 20-somethings. But, as a self-proclaimed Chronicler of Life, my specialty—and passion—lies in nonfiction and memoir writing.

View my personal weblog, The Shared Journey, at: http://mariskris.blogspot.com


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